Tarrago Conditioner

Tarrago Conditioner

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Prepares the leather for dyeing without damaging it, removing dirt and finishing. The special formulation fully opens the leather pores making the dyeing process easier and more effective. For leather.

  • Liquid solution.
  • Colorless.
  • Box containing 50 ml / 1,69 fl.oz. bottle.


Tarrago Conditioner prepares the leather for dyeing without damaging. Eliminates dirt, creams and the surface lacquers that protect the leather grain, allowing an excellent fixing of the dye. Its formula opens the leather’s pores, allowing the dye to penetrate and fix perfectly. Recommended for smooth leather. Not suitable for suede, nubuck and patent leather.


  1. Apply with a used scouring pad (It is important that it be a used pad to not scratch the leather) or with a cloth (in cases when leather pores can be easily appreciated or when the finish is really damaged).
  2. Soak the pad and rub lightly the whole surface to dye.
  3. Let dry before dying.


When applying over synthetic leather, use a cloth instead a scouring pad.

The Tarrago Conditioner is an alcoholic solution, so drying is usually very fast. You can check by pounding the leather.

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