Saphir Renewal cream

Saphir Renewal cream

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Saphir Renewal Cream brings back to life damaged, grated, discolored smooth leathers. Get a new, shiny smooth leather without any effort.

  • 25ml.


Saphir Renovating Cream brings back to life damaged, grated, discolored smooth leather, allowing you to obtain a new smooth and shiny leather without the need for effort, does not discharge on the clothes, resists rubbing, dries quickly, resists water completely covering the scratches, its unique qualities allow it to be used both in shoes, as in any support smooth leather, used or discolored leather without any risk: leather dresses, jackets, leather goods, bags, leather furniture, car seats.

With the Saphir smooth leather renewal cream, children's shoes regain their new look, in the most punished areas. It is perfect to eliminate the scratches that form especially on the heels and sides of the shoes.


  1. It is necessary that the leather is clean of dust and grease stains. We recommend using the Renomat Saphir for pre-cleaning.
  2. Apply on a clean and dry cotton cloth an amount of the Renovation Cream approximately the size of a hazelnut, so that the leather is not too loaded with product (as the cream dries quickly).
  3. Spread the cream evenly over the leather until it has penetrated.
  4. Let dry 10 minutes and polish with a clean and dry wool cloth.


It is convenient to apply the SAPHIR® RENEWAL CREAM to recover the leather when it is deteriorated. For daily cleaning we recommend to use our CANADIAN® cream, rich in mineral and bee waxes, which give the leather a proper maintenance.


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