Tintura Francesa 500Ml

Tintura Francesa 500Ml

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Alcohol based dye for all smooth leathers, suede, nubuck, velvet leathers. Penetrating and dyeing formula that is always used from a light color to a darker one.

  • 500 ml.


Penetrating alcohol-based dye product that makes it more effective than any other. It can be used for smooth leather and for suede and nubuck. With a concentrated formula and perfect colors, it allows to penetrate the leather very easily, making its application faster. It is used on all smooth leathers (that present a minimum porosity), and also on suede, nubuck and furs.


  1. Clean the article, in order to remove possible dust or greasy dirt.
  2. Apply the dye with a brush leaving it to dry for 1 hour.
  3. If a second layer is desired (usually not necessary), the first layer must be completely dry, and the skin must have been brushed with traces of dye.


Always use to dye from a light color to a darker one or the same shade.

This product is not recommended for certain leathers such as car interiors and certain leather furniture due to its high number of resins.

For those leathers that do not present a minimum porosity that allows a penetration of the dye it is convenient to remove the leather with Saphir's Stripper several times until the chemical layer disappears.

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