Pommadier M.D'Or 1925

Pommadier M.D'Or 1925

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Original nourishing cream created in 1975, made from 7 waxes, natural solvent: turpentine, shea butter oil, to clean, nourish, revive color and waterproof.

  • Presentation: 100ml jar.


Pommadier Medaille d'Or cream is a re-moisturizing cream with a high proportion of beeswax that allows it to nourish and soften smooth leathers in depth.

It contains mineral waxes that have been dissolved in a solvent to clean, protect and waterproof smooth leather. Contains pigments, selected for their re-colorant quality, which avoid staining the base of the pants. Its nutritive qualities make that optimal results are obtained even if the cleaning is occasional.


  1. Brush the smooth leathers before application to remove surface dust.
  2. Extend the cream in small quantities massaging the leather. Let dry and polish with a wool cloth.
  3. Pommadier Medaille d'Or cream 100ml has re-colorant properties that allow it to cover small scratches and discolorations due to use.
  4. We offer a wide range of colors, in case you can't find the exact color, we recommend for light shoes, to choose a close color, but always lighter.


For its application we recommend the use of the Pommadier Medaille d'Or brush, which has been specially designed to facilitate the application at the level of the seams, allowing to recover the cream to the bottom of the jar without staining the fingers.

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