Canadian Tubo 75Ml

Canadian Tubo 75Ml

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Regenerating cream based on beeswax. For stain-removal, re-colouring, softening and waterproofing of jackets, coats and all smooth leather clothes. Remarks :- highly concentrated product, use sparingly.

  • 75ml.


Canadian Tube Cream is a restorative cream based on beeswax specially chosen for the care of all smooth leather garments. The Canadian reconstituent cream, thanks to its exclusive formula, solves the problem of the conservation of the finest smooth leathers and therefore of the leathers "pleine fleur".

The Canadian restoring cream is recommended on smooth leather garments (jackets, Canadian, dresses, pants, jackets, shoes, leather goods, luggage, furniture...). The Canadian reconstituting cream, is a product accepted and recommended by the tanners of Millau (France), who set the benchmark in terms of high-end leather. Canadian reconstituting cream is at the same time nourishing, softening, cleaning, recoloring and waterproofing, which gives a remarkable finish to smooth leathers.

Canadian Restorative Cream also protects against drying out and prevents cracking of the seams, eliminating salt stains due to rain, snow, etc. Thanks to a rigorous selection of dyes, the Canadian reconstituting cream has a great power of collection without risk of staining the clothes. It is important to apply Canadian Reconstituting Cream, in a reasonable way and without overloading the surface, so that the product can penetrate the smooth leather.


  1. Apply the Canadian reconstituting cream, in small amounts with the help of a buffer, rubbing the used or discolored parts of the smooth leather to be treated.
  2. Brush the seams of the smooth leather to avoid excess of the reconstituting cream
  3. Allow to dry for 15 minutes
  4. Polish with a soft chamois leather to obtain a uniformly smooth and shiny surface of the smooth leather.


It is preferable to apply the Canadian reconstituent cream bi-annually and in a moderate way than an excessive annual application, this will prolong the life of the smooth leather to an exceptional longevity.


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