Crema Lujo 1789 Tubo Saphir

Crema Lujo 1789 Tubo Saphir

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Product that cleans, nourishes, collects, waterproofs and rehydrates, all smooth leathers thanks to its composition and oily texture.

  • Tube of 50ml.


The Deluxe Waterproofing and Rehydrating Cream in Tube 50ml, is a nourishing, recoloring and waterproofing cream made of beeswax and mineral waxes and presents as an innovation in its composition the introduction of SCOTCHGARD 3M. To carry out a treatment with the waterproofing and rehydrating cream in Saphir tube, in the smooth leathers, guarantees the protection against practically all type of stains or marks of humidity.

This rehydrating and waterproofing treatment is much more effective and natural than silicone based treatments that repel water and even attract dirt to smooth leathers, but do not protect against stains or grease, and cover the pore of the smooth leather causing drying and cracking of the smooth leather. Thanks to its composition and its oily texture, a spectacular rehydration and waterproofing of all smooth leathers is achieved.


We recommend brushing the leather smooth in order to remove all possible dirt. Before waxing the leather, we recommend to clean it if it was dirty with the Renomat Saphir, to extend the waterproofing and rehydrating cream Saphir, on the smooth leather in small quantities trying to give to the smooth leather a light massage with what we will obtain that it penetrates better. Let dry and polish with a wool cloth to obtain an optimal result.

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