Tarrago Leather Cream Tube Appl. 75 Ml
Tarrago Leather Cream Tube Appl. 75 Ml

Tarrago Leather Cream Tube Appl. 75 Ml

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Fluorine-enriched wax-based cream. Nourishes, shines and maintains color. Its fluorine content provides protection against the effects of rain. For leather and synthetic leather.

  • 75ml.


Tarrago Leather Cream is a water-solvent based cream, fluorine and beeswax ** enriched, which cleans, nourishes, shines and maintains the color of the leather. Its fluorine content provides a powerful waterproofing effect. Tarrago Leather Cream is enriched with fluorine, which provides water and stains repellency. The beeswax ** (5-6 % of the total of waxes) nourishes and softens the leather, providing a natural polished finish. Thanks to its top-quality pigments, revives the original color of the leather.


  1. Remove surface dust.
  2. Press the tube until soak the sponge with a little amount of cream and spread evently.
  3. Let dry 3 minutes.
  4. Brush the surface to polish.


If you apply this product on footwear with a rubber sole, we recommend covering the area since the color can be permanent.

The Tarrago Leather Cream Tube Applicator can be used on all leather and synthetic leather surfaces. However, we do not recommend using it on sofas as it can transfer the color to rubbing.

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