Locion Medaille D'Or 125Ml

Locion Medaille D'Or 125Ml

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The Medaille d'Or Lotion contains a formula that dates back to 1920, it is a universal product that allows leather professionals to satisfy the maximum demands in a single product. It is a well known product used for shoe care, thanks to its properties and the cleaning, nourishing and protective qualities it offers once applied to shoes.

  • 125 ml.


The Medaille d'Or Lotion has the particularity of obtaining a deep and lasting shine, without having to wait long for drying.  Once the leather has been treated, it will look silky and no traces will appear. A major application of the product will not grease or leave a white deposit on the leather. The Medaille d'Or Lotion, due to its particular composition in cream form, makes it suitable for braided or multicolored leathers.

In addition to its cleaning, nourishing and protective qualities, it can be used perfectly to clean without attacking all smooth leathers (leather goods, dresses, shoes, furniture, car interiors...), sheets and reptiles; thanks to its great richness in beeswax (28.9%) and mink oil, it can be applied on delicate leathers, nappa, calf, kiddy rides...etc. 


  1. Carefully brush the item to remove any dust or dirt.
  2. Apply Leather Lotion with a soft cotton cloth. Use firm pressure to massage the product into the leather.
  3. Leave to dry for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Polish leather with a cotton cloth or a wool glove.


Test Leather Lotion on an inconspicuous area to assess the finish.

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