Nubuck brush Medaille d'Or

Nubuck brush Medaille d'Or


Brass brush with exotic wood handle for thorough cleaning of suede, nubuck and velvet calf leather


The brush for intense cleaning of velvety leathers such as nubuck and suede. It is composed by an exotic wood handle, its rigid bristles fulfill the function of removing the dust instead the bristles of the interior are made of brass to fulfill the function of taking care of the leather and in this way restore the original beauty of the velvety leather.

The design of the brush is thought to the millimeter, we found an ergonomic handle that provides a good grip facilitating an intense brushing to remove dirt particles, dust, stains that with use and the passage of time adhere to our shoes.

It is important to emphasize, that the bristles of the brass brush are designed not to damage the velvety leather but serve to restore its original beauty and lift the leather to leave it in its natural state.

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