Saphir Amiral Gloss

Saphir Amiral Gloss

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Product designed to achieve a fast frosting as a final finish to leather shoes.

  • 50 ml.


Developed to facilitate glazing, Saphir Amiral Gloss bitumen is a great help for professionals and individuals to perform this operation even on the most difficult leathers. Thanks to its hard waxes and selected solvents, glazing is simple and fast.

Unlike Saphir Pate de Luxe, Saphir Amiral Gloss has no cleaning or nourishing components. Therefore, it cannot be a substitute for maintenance creams and pastes, but does not require any master technique to obtain a glaze on the tips and heels of shoes.


It is not suitable for leather care and should be used after Crème Surfine or Pmmadier Saphir.

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