Saphir Crema Cordovan

Saphir Crema Cordovan

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Specific cream for Cordovan leathers. Cordovan leather is made from Cordoba horse skin crossed with wild Dakota horse skin.

  • 50 ml.


Cordovan leather is so called because it is made from Cordovan horse skin, imported to the United States and crossed with wild horses from Dakota. Only 20 to 22 dm3 of the back foot of these horses are used to make two or three pairs of Cordovan leather shoes. The rest is used for furniture leathers.

The treatment process of a piece of Cordovan leather can take up to 5 months, due to the complex process of vegetable tanning. Cordovan leather is macerated in oil barrels. The natural color of Cordovan leather is blood red, a very dark garnet that corresponds to the Cordovan or black tone. Cordovan leather usually has a special shine. Horse leather stands out for its elasticity and flexibility, virtues that are transmitted to the Cordovan leather shoes made with this type of leather. It is extremely resistant and flexible and that is why it needs special care. 


  1. Brush or remove any dust from the footwear.
  2. Spread the Cordovan cream in small amounts, massaging the Cordovan leather.
  3. Let the Cordovan leather dry for five minutes.
  4. Shine with a soft cloth.

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