M. D'Or Mirror Gloss

M. D'Or Mirror Gloss

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The Mirror Gloss is a product specially designed for "glazing". Its exclusive formula allows you to obtain a very fast mirror gloss and a professional finish to satisfy the needs of the most demanding users.

  • 75ml can


The Mirror Gloss  is a luxury paste specially developed to meet the needs of professional shoemakers, with the aim of obtaining a shine in a quick and easy way. A unique product specially designed to achieve the "Glazed" effect, it allows you to obtain a "mirror gloss" effect very quickly and easily, thanks to a selection of natural waxes that are more brilliant: Montana, Carnauba and Beeswax, mixed together with a perfect dosage of turpentine essence.


  1. Mirror shine is one of the most difficult and elusive polishing techniques to achieve. Saphir Mirror Gloss Wax Polish facilitates this process, but still requires practice and patience. Below is a simplified explanation.
  2. First prepare the leather by cleaning it with Saphir Pommadier Cream Polish.
  3. Apply a thin layer of the Mirror Gloss using a Chamois.
  4. Allow the wax to work for several minutes.
  5. Apply a drop (literally) of water on the surface of the shoe, then apply shine to the wax with small circular movements. Use the same high gloss cloth used to apply the Mirror Gloss
  6. Apply small successive coats of polishing wax (less is more) and polish.
  7. As the wax finish is built up, the gloss of the mirror will also shine.


The Mirror Gloss Saphir Gold Medal is not intended for complete shoe care, but is a product to achieve a shiny mirror effect.

If your shoe is dirty (such as the appearance of black marks) or is affected by residues left by waxes, resin or silicone, it is advisable to perform a prior cleaning with the Saphir Renomat product. The objective is to open the pores of the shoe so that the dirt that has been adhered is removed.

If you take care of your shoes regularly and do not need such a thorough cleaning, we recommend that you first use Medaille d'Or Lotion or Mink Oil Renewal. These products will allow us to gently moisturize and clean the pores of the leather without degrading the patina. 

Before using the Mirror Gloss, we recommend waxing your shoes alternating their care with the Pommadier Creme 1925 Medaille d'Or, a very nourishing and moisturizing wax. The best way to apply these products is to use the Medaille d'Or Pommadier Brush.

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